User Privileges

Jam page/Track Page  

  • Launch the application on your mobile or PC
  • Click on any song or type any song and click on the search button, you will be redirected to the Jam page.

This page lets you access available features on our application that help you learn or find notations and other important information about the song. The list of privileges is classified below:


You can select Chords or Notes from the options slider buttons below the video screen.


A chord is a combination of three or more notes that can be played in four different modes that are classified below:


This displays major and minor chords only. You can find these chords in the chord-sheet below download buttons.


This displays chords in a more detailed manner which gives major, minor, 7th, 6th, half-diminished and augmented chords.



Bass plays an essential role in a piece of music because it bridges the gap between guitar and percussion; hence here we are offering you this feature which will help you find bass chords as well.


This displays best-edited versions of the song. When clicking on this button, it shows the number of users, including you, by whom the piece of music was edited. You can also further edit the song from here.


A note is a musical sound that represents the pitch and duration of sound in a musical notation.

Chord Notes

This represents notes in chords. When these group of notes are played at the same time creates harmonious sounds.

Simple Notes 


This displays simplified harmonic tune of the song, represented in musical notation.

Bass Notes 


This is the note progression for the bass of a song which is represented as a musical notation.

Music Notes 


These are the notes played in piano, guitar, violin, etc. represented in a musical notation.

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