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Tune Chords  

  • Launch the application on your mobile or PC.

  • Search and select the song.

  • At the right side of the desktop screen or click on the tune chords button on the extreme right side of the bottom bar.

Most used chords

This frame contains top five most used chords, along with the number of times these chords are used.

Song key and BPM

This represents the note or chord the music is centered around and BPM refers to “Bits Per Minute.”


Transpose refers to changing the pitches of a musical work but not altering the relationships between these pitches.



Capo is a digital clamp for fretboard designed to clamp down strings to play in a shorter area that raises the guitar's pitch.



This represents the speed of the music in which it is being played. You can change the speed into the four given modes to play the song slower or faster.

Dynamic BPM 


This is a graphical presentation for BPM variations of the song currently playing.

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