ChordU User Manual

Quick Start

Getting Started  

Welcome to ChordU. This user manual will guide you through the basic features of the app, helping you get started in no time. ChordU is a powerful app designed to assist you to find Chords and Notes for your favourite songs, displayed alongside the Lyrics  or Sheet Music , and learn how to play them on various musical instruments . Let's begin:

App Overview

Here's a quick overview of the app's main components.

Home Screen

This is the main screen of the app, where you can search for songs, access your saved songs, and explore popular songs.

Use the search bar at the top of the home screen to find songs by their title, artist, or chords.

Song Cards

The search results will display song cards with relevant information, such as the song title, artist, and chord progression.

Song Details

Tap on a song card to view the song details, including the chord diagrams, lyrics, and various playback options.

Searching for Songs

To find a song in ChordU, follow these steps:

  1. Open ChordU and navigate to the home screen.

  2. Enter the song's title, artist, or album name in the search bar.

  3. Tap the "Search" button or press Enter on your device's keyboard.

  4. Browse through the search results to find the desired song.

Viewing Song Details

To view the details of a specific song, follow these steps:

  1. Find the Song Card in the search results and tap on it.

  2. The song details screen will open, displaying the Chord Diagrams , Chord Sheet , Lyrics, and various playback options.

  3. Switch between different sections, such as Chords and Notes.

  4. Explore the Chord Diagrams, Notes and Lyrics to learn how to play the song.

  5. Jam with Focus Mode  Enjoy immersive, distraction-free practice sessions.

ChordU provides 4 types of Chords Versions to learn and practice.

Simplified:  Simplified versions of complex chords showing Major and Minor Chords of a song, that are commonly used by beginners or those who are new to playing the guitar or other chord-based instruments.

Advanced:  These chords are prevalent in various music genres, providing musicians with a broader harmonic vocabulary and allow for more intricate and nuanced chord progressions showing all the 7 scales included in a song.

Bass:  A tool for Bassists to expand their harmonic vocabulary and contribute to the overall musical arrangement by providing a harmonic foundation in addition to the traditional bassline role.

Edited:  Through this, we let you find chords & lyrics edited by our community users, including you that can be further edited.

Chord Directory

These are valuable tools for musicians of all skill levels, from beginners who are just starting to learn chords to advanced players looking to explore new chord voicings or variations.

It provides a collection of chord charts, diagrams, convenient and accessible way to access a wide range of chord information, to help musicians learn, practice, and master various chords shapes on their instruments.

Chord Directory  or Chord Database consists of components like Chord Shapes and Chord Sheets, providing information on how to learn and play different chords on instruments like guitar, piano, ukulele, accurately.

Chord Shape:

This refers to the specific fingering or positioning of the fingers on an instrument to produce a particular chord. For example, on a guitar, a chord shape shows which strings to press down and which to leave open to create a specific chord.

Chord Sheet:

This, is a document or notation that displays the lyrics of a song along with the corresponding chords above the lyrics. It typically includes chord diagrams or chord symbols to indicate which chords should be played at specific points in the song.

Change or Personalize Scales:

  1. Digital Capo  & Transpose Customize keys, adjust pitch , enhance your performance.

  2. Modify audio playback pitch and capo position to match your scale.

  3. Real-time Pitch shifter changes audio playback to your , easing practice, aiding transposition, and enabling custom backing track creation.

  4. Digital transposer  adjusts scales chords and notes to match your style or vocal range

  5. Digital capo shifts chords/notes to mimic physical capo , easing play in preferred keys.

Playback Options

ChordU offers various playback options to assist you in learning and playing songs:


Enable auto-scroll to automatically scroll through the chord-sheet as the song plays.


This feature allows users to select a specific section of a song and loop  it repeatedly, aiding in practicing or learning that section. This feature benefits the musicians who want to focus on mastering a specific part or riff of a song, such as a challenging chord progression or a tricky guitar solo.


This feature allows users to mute or silence the audio playback of the song while still displaying the chords and lyrics on the screen. The musicians can practice playing along with a song without hearing the original audio and can focus solely on the chord diagrams and lyrics, enabling them to concentrate on their own instrument or vocals, while learning and practicing songs, as it allows musicians to play or sing along at their own pace without any interference from the original track.

Playback Speed/Tempo:

Control the speed of the song playback to match your learning pace. Slowing playback speed  aids in grasping and practicing complex strumming patterns.

Dynamic BPM:

Reveals BPM  changes, enhancing understanding of track Tempo. Beats are measured by track's average BPM, displayed in chord sheets.

MusicOnly mode:

Lets you control part-specific volume  for Bass, Music, Drums & Vocals. (Available for uploaded tracks)

Upload Songs

This feature allows you to upload any song track  in various formats, such as mp3, wav, ogg, flac, mp2, aiff, au, flv, mkv, mov, mp4, webm, wmv, vob.

Uploading songs helps you to edit and compose and even modify the Chords and Lyrics for the same. It also allows you to experience a whole new feature of MusicOnly Mode  for segregating particular music track and create your own Karaoke  version.


  1. Download various notes versions as MIDI  for flexible use.
  2. Conveniently download PDFs  of sheets for offline practice.

Notes Beta or Experimental

ChordU provides 4 types of Notes to learn and practice.

Chords Notes:

A chord is made up of combination of notes  within its scale played together at the same time.

Simple Notes:

Simple notes  guide you to understand and play vocal melodies.

Bass Notes:

Bass notes  enable bassists to identify and reproduce bass lines effortlessly.

Music Notes:

Music notes  aid in deciphering shallow instrument riffs swiftly.

Congratulations! You have completed the basic walkthrough of ChordU . Now you're ready to explore and make the most of the app's features to enhance your musical journey.